Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

A personality disorder is a disease that should not be underestimated. Many people think that personality disorder is just a trivial disease. Personality disorders are not only dangerous but can make a person change and look different from before.

Many think that having a personality disorder can make people go crazy. It looks embarrassing when other people find out. Fear of being thought of as crazy. Most people with personality disorders keep all their problems to themselves. Trying to be relaxed and comfortable not to show their personality.

Keep emotions

Revistase7se7 – Most people affected by personality are not allowed to store a lot of sadness and anger. This can make their nature and personality change quickly. Not everyone will display a personality disorder. They save more than tell others.

There are several signs that you can understand in people affected by personality, namely:


get emotional easily//characteristic

Being one of the personalities that are often called a disorder. An atmosphere that often changes can make people affected by personality disorders. The mood does not really look like a personality disease. But did you know that your mood can also make you famous for mental illness? Not being able to hold back one’s emotions can lead to mental illness.


Paranoia is a disease that can make someone afraid for no apparent reason. Of course, those of you who have met people with these personalities will think of them as crazy. Excessive anxiety can make a person afraid to face other people. As result of continuing paranoia, it can make a person’s lifestyle fall apart.


Surely you’ve met someone who always wants to be right and clean. Having friends who have perfect traits will certainly be very pleasant. But if the perfect is excessive, of course, it can make people tired. The attitude that is always perfect can sometimes make people dislike it. For those of you who meet people who are perfect, don’t hate them. Because without you realizing that they actually have a personality disorder. A personality that thinks they are better than other people.

Every time you do something light, you will be overly advised. This could also be one of the personalities that you don’t even realize already exists. Excessive anxiety is one of the diseases that you have to overcome.

Most people like to be alone to get some fresh air and reflect on everything they have missed. But did you know that people who are alone more often turn out to be one of the personality disorders?