4 Ways to Overcome Gadget Addiction Children

4 Ways to Overcome Gadget Addiction Children

4 Ways to Overcome Gadget Addiction Children

Playing with gadgets is not only done by children, but adults also often play with gadgets without any restrictions. Actually, gadgets have good and bad effects depending on the user. But for children, if they frequently use gadgets, it will not provide the best solution. The following is a way to overcome gadget addiction in children. 4 Ways to Overcome Gadget Addiction Children


You as a parent must be firm in setting boundaries. If your child has passed the time limit for playing with cellphones, then they are taken immediately. Children may watch cell phones, but children must be accompanied by parents so they don’t watch pornography. The limitations given are not just from watching but the time when watching. If you let your child watch continuously, it will make your child disobedient. Revistase7se7

Give another activity
You, as parents, have to provide other activities for your children so that your children don’t keep watching their cell phones. There are many interesting activities that children and parents can do to get rid of gadgets in their minds. Other activities can make children like things other than gadgets. Make activities that are solid and useful but alternate so that children don’t feel bored. Do activities together in other places or at home so that children can be separated from gadgets.

get them to do an activity//limit

Give notice

You as a parent must tell yourself what are the obstacles when your child continues to use gadgets. Tell the truth, not exaggerate regarding the problem of always using gadgets.

Give an example
If you set an example for your child, your child will emulate it. Children will follow what their parents do related to the use of mobile phones. Give your child the right time when using a cell phone, including yourself.