Excessive fear

Excessive fear

Excessive fear

Excessive fear can be a suicide weapon for all of us. Fear will make you feel an unexpected reaction. Some people are affected by the disease of excessive fear. It is not known when it will come. Sometimes that feeling will just appear without you knowing it.

However, ExcessiveFear is the most guarded thing. When an object or place appears that once made you afraid, screams can be heard in various places. Almost everyone has fear. It’s just that the fear that other people have is different from some people who are exposed to excessive fear.


Revistase7se7 – All activities stopped. Fear that makes a person suffer. ExcessiveFear is also classified into several levels, namely:


One of the most feared types of disease than others. Fear of meeting outsiders and not wanting to leave the house. An attitude that only wants to be alone and does not want to interact with other people.

kind of fear disease//afraid

One of the fears that makes someone not want to be in the middle of a crowd. Fear of situations that are suddenly full and claustrophobic.

Specific phobia

One phobia has several groups. There is another fear of specific phobia traits that you can discover and learn about. There are many fears that you can distinguish. Permanent and curable. For those who are curious, here are the names;

Ophidio and many more

Symptoms experienced by some people affected by excessive fear attacks are:

Out of breath
Dry mouth
It’s hard to talk
Stomach ache
High blood pressure and many more