How to Add Self Value

How to Add Self Value

How to Add Self Value

Self-value is a value in ourselves. If you discuss how to add value to yourself, of course, you have to keep learning. Even in this case, one must continue to learn. Because there is a lot of knowledge that you do not know. When you add value to yourself, people will automatically judge you as smarter. How to Add Self Value

Being a more advanced person is of course important, but there are things you need to do first so that your achievements can be easier. The following are attitudes or ways to add self-worth

All good sayings

make sure you say good words to yourself every day, even though there are many people who insult them. Even though you are ignorant, saying important things is a very good thing. An example of positive self-talk is I am happy for myself. I am getting more and more valuable, I am getting better and more prosperous. Revistase7se7

Although in reality there are many bad events that befall but not a problem. People who always say good things will certainly make themselves stronger and more able to survive.


give yourself a little reward even if it’s a small thing that you managed to get through. Because pleasing yourself is not a problem.

Spirit//always please yourself

Don’t ever waste even a second. If you feel you are fine then do something positive. So that you will not be disappointed, do positive things. If you don’t know what you are going to do, make a plan like a school or work in an office. People who have a plan are of course people who are able to work properly.

Don’t stress

If someone has ever ridiculed you because your level of success has not been reached, all you need to do is cover your ears. People who really like to listen to people’s ugly words are people who are still weak in their stance. It does need support but if it is not avoided it will damage the soul and mentality.

Find positive friends
Finding positive friends is of course not easy, you have to look in a haystack for the article. People who really like to make friends will certainly only look for friends with frequency. People who like to joke and people who like to condescend are 2 different things, although at first it’s fun but in the end, it’s not fun.