Mental disorders can be passed on to children

Mental disorders can be passed on to children

Mental disorders can be passed on to children

Mental disorders can be passed on to children, this can be seen from the way they are always together. Many do not know that mental disorders are actually not contagious. But it can be passed on to their children. Some common people sometimes don’t know that mental disorders actually exist in every person’s body.

It’s just that mental disorders have mild criteria. In addition to being lowered, mental disorders can also be obtained from someone’s emotions which cannot be dammed by many thoughts and ultimately stress. Things like that cause people to experience mental disorders. To be able to recover, you have to do some physical and psychological examinations. For the sufferer must often consume drugs – drugs in order to recover.

Hereditary factor

The risk that can be for the child is very dangerous. As a parent, of course you don’t want your child to experience the same thing as someone with a mental disorder. Of course, many do not know why someone can suddenly experience mental disorders. This can happen when someone from the family has experienced a mental disorder. The blood that flows in the child’s body can be active at any time and make the child also affected by mental disorders. Revistase7se7

It’s no wonder that when you check-up, the doctor will ask you about your family. if you find a family member who suddenly has a mental disorder, then immediately take him to the doctor for examination. Did you know that people who have mental disorders marry people who have the same disease, they can make their children go crazy too.

genes from parents//descendants

Genes flowing in the body

This makes children susceptible to mental disorders. Genes obtained from parents. A disease that turns out to change the psyche of children. Of course this becomes very dangerous for a child’s mental problems. At such a young age they have to bear hereditary diseases from their parents.

But there are also healthy and normal children even though there is a family member who has a mental disorder. Based on observations, many still ask questions about mental disorders. A hereditary disease that can make children affected by mental disorders. Many researchers are still unsure and continue to look for the causes of the decline in mental disorders.