Not contagious but can be acquired

Not contagious but can be acquired

Not contagious but can be acquired

Not contagious but can be obtained easily. Once you know that mental disorders are not contagious, it doesn’t mean that they can’t make people suffer from mental disorders. There is some information that says that people affected by mental disorders also get hereditary and prolonged stress. Not contagious but can be acquired

Of course, many people believe and do not believe in this information. but you also have to know about mental disorders because inheritance can also occur because the child has genes from his parents. So it’s very natural that later when a child who can’t stem the gene will explode and go crazy.

Too many thoughts

Revistase7se7 – Stress can also make the genes possessed by the offspring of mental disorders easily triggered and their thinking power explodes. So they have mental disorders that shouldn’t appear. A child who becomes disturbed because of a harsh upbringing and makes them fearful and insecure.

Apart from your offspring, you also have to maintain your stamina and intellect. if you feel you can’t hold it anymore, you can find a friend and confide in any problems you face. Prolonged stress can also drive people crazy. Without realizing it, the character that was calm has become a trait that many people fear.

Maintain the health of mothers and children

lots of thoughts and solitude//a lot of things in mind

Hereditary mental disorders are received not only from the father or mother but also from the families of both parents. In addition to heredity, the pattern of development from the uterus also affects the child’s growth. So the mother must be careful in choosing food. Avoid drinking alcohol and illegal drugs.

Maintaining the diet of pregnant women is the main thing in the growth and development of the baby. So as an alert father, you have to start choosing nutritious food for mother and child. For those of you who have children, start by giving understanding slowly. Don’t use emotion when you say it. Because it’s possible that the child’s mentality will change and it can make them afraid and don’t want to tell their parents anymore.