One's trigger becomes Void

One’s trigger becomes a Void

One’s trigger becomes a Void

Feeling empty is not an easy thing to pass. Because there are many people around us but we feel empty it will definitely be felt. Hollow is not just being in a quiet room and alone. But emptiness can come from several reasons like One’s trigger becomes a Void Revistase7se7

  1. Bored
    Having boredom, of course, will be experienced by everyone. But you have to make sure that the boredom you have must be removed so that it doesn’t become a shackle. The boredom that is felt as much as possible in just a few moments, doesn’t get carried away because it will make someone feel very empty.
  2. Tired
    too much activity so feeling tired will make someone empty. When your body is tired, you don’t want to think and you definitely want to make yourself sleep. If when you are tired there is no encouragement, it will make you feel empty.
  3. No destination
    The worst thing about being empty is that there is no purpose. If someone feels empty because there is no purpose then that is the main cause. Empty is an activity that is done with several people but we feel alone.
find everything boring//sad

If there are 3 main reasons that make you empty, make sure you have to throw these situations away. Because when you feel empty, you are never grateful, so how much results you produce will certainly not make you feel happy.

How to get rid of the feeling of emptiness
void can be removed in a way
Give thanks. If you feel grateful then you will not feel empty. Precisely the feeling of emptiness will disappear and be replaced with an obsession.