Overcome annoyance

Overcome annoyance

Overcome annoyance

Many people deal with anger in different ways. Anger is something that makes us angry but we can’t express it. Make feelings and thoughts continue to accumulate and make feelings continue want to rage. Expressing anger can be done in a number of ways.

In overcoming anger we must be able to think clearly. Sometimes a person will vent his frustration with 2 different sides. There are those who use the negative side and also the positive. Each side will give a lot of good and bad impacts. On the negative side, we will experience a lot of losses and also harm ourselves,

On the positive side, it can actually give a lot of good impacts too. You also have to choose wisely so you don’t experience losses. For those of you who often harbor annoyance, it is better to channel it into positive things, such as: Revistase7se7

alone time

Anger sometimes makes the mood overflow and emotions can’t be dammed. To eliminate and overcome the feeling of annoyance, you can find time alone or you can leave it alone. Going to a calm atmosphere and a beautiful view can help relieve your feelings of irritation and clear your mind again.

face it with a positive mind//relaxed


If you feel that everything is out of control and your emotions are unstable, you can try resting. Rest or sleep is the first step to calming the heart and mind. Helps all negative thoughts and anger disappear when you wake up from sleep.

be active

If you want to vent your anger, you can do it with activities. Various kinds of activities can be vented when the anger has overflowed. Taking the time to write your heart out can ease the feeling of annoyance in your heart.


Without us realizing it, we can also express our anger by crying. Crying can make you feel relieved and your heart will be full.


When we see someone is upset, of course, we feel a change in them. These changes can make a person’s personality so different. Learn to vent your anger on a more positive side. The side that can help and not harm others and also yourself.