Reasons Why someone prefers to daydream

Reasons Why someone prefers to daydream

Reasons Why someone prefers to daydream

Daydreaming isn’t a bad thing, although many people say don’t daydream too often, you’ll catch the devil. Daydreaming is a natural thing because actually, people who are daydreaming don’t really have an empty mind. But when daydreaming his brain works more densely than doing something. Daydreaming people tend to have clearer minds and more creativity. Reasons Why someone prefers to daydream

Sometimes people who like to daydream are more successful than people who work a lot. People who like to daydream are often considered lazy. Even though what he was dreaming about was how to get a lot of money, how he could become what he wished for. But there are also several reasons why people like to daydream


Revistase7se7 – People who are bored will subconsciously daydream. Because at first, it was just boring, now there’s no reason why you shouldn’t daydream. There is someone who is initially bored to have a habit so that the level of laziness becomes higher.

Not concerned
What triggers people to daydream is not concentrating. It’s not a willingness not to be concerned, because one’s life cannot be arranged to always be happy and fine. Concentration difficulties also make a person to have psychological problems.

thoughts pile up//a lot of things in mind

Too many thoughts do not rule out a person’s frequent daydreaming. Because they don’t know what to do and don’t know who to tell it to, they become daydreaming. For people who are already stressed and often daydream, you need to provide a solution. This sign, of course, is not only felt by adults, but also by children.