Recognizing a child's mindset

Recognizing a child’s mindset

Recognizing a child’s mindset

Hello everyone, on this sunny and happy day, of course, you want to spend time with your family, right? when else is the right time to gather if not on a holiday? Weekends are always the day that families look forward to. Being able to relax and gather with family is a very joyful and happy moment.

Time goes by so fast that there is less and less to gather together without realizing it. However, parents also have to keep an eye on their children and see the development of their beloved babies. Have you ever realized mam that young children have a very amazing mindset?

Starting to recognize the child’s pattern

Revistase7se7 – His cute and adorable way of thinking makes people around him want to pinch and hug him tightly. Sometimes we will also find some patterns of children that make us easily emotional. This can be said because we are impatient so it is easy to get emotional. But there is also a child who is never silent to trigger these emotions.

With this, of course, we must be wise in taking care of children. To deal with it, we must first know the mindset of the child so that we can help care for and take care of the child.

Here are some child mindsets that can help look after children, namely:

pay attention to children’s emotions//mindset
  1. Critical
    Patterns that we may often encounter in fussy children. But the fussy child does not mean just the usual nag. But the attitude is to find out and ask the person. The child will continue to ask until he knows the answer. This pattern can also make children know what is good and bad. Can help others and also have an initiative full of thinking so that the child has a fairly good development. So moms and moms don’t get mad at their kids if they’re fussy. Don’t just answer, because when we tell it, the child’s memory will unconsciously move and store it.
Cute behavior
  1. Sweet
    Always having funny and cute behavior makes many people happy to see him. A very sweet mindset can make people like it. An attitude that will always please many.
  2. Quiet
    The attitude that must be observed when finding a child who is always silent. Children who are always silent actually become a danger and must be prevented. Because in this attitude the child is trying to remember things that the child can imitate. Silence is indeed an attitude that will not bother many people, but too much silence is not a good thing. To prevent the child’s silence from brushing, parents try to get closer to their children, talk to each other, play, and make the child not feel alone.

There is another pattern that makes parents angry when they see a naughty child. His attitude that cannot be changed with words makes people lazy to make friends with bad boys. A naughty attitude in a child’s mindset must be considered. Because sometimes the naughty can come from longing for affection, and seeking the attention of those around him. Naughty little children may be considered normal. There is something to keep in mind when a child’s behavior starts to be naughty. Advising them in a gentle, slightly pressing tone can help make the child less naughty.. To prevent this, you can say softly and gently, and give a loving understanding, if there is a problem you can talk about it slowly.