Start the day better

Start the day better

Start the day better

Start the day better is certainly something that makes the heart calm and enthusiastic. Every day getting up early doing all the same morning activities will certainly look very boring. Make preparations in the morning to go to work, then in the afternoon go home and rest.

All activities that seem ordinary can actually make people feel bored and lazy. The same activities over and over again make us quickly bored and lazy. However, we continue to carry out these activities to facilitate our economic life. We can change all the things that are boring activities a little so that the mood is enthusiastic and bright.

There are several ways that can make our days better. The guaranteed way will make the morning spirit good and keep the atmosphere fresh. To start the day can be done by:

Wake up

Revistase7se7 – When the alarm sounds, it will certainly make us who are still sleepy lazy to wake up, right? So get rid of drowsiness and feel the morning atmosphere to get rid of sleepiness. Doing small activities such as folding the blankets, and making the bed so that the body does not feel sleepy anymore.


If your room has a window then open the window blinds and let the light into it. Opening the curtains while feeling the bright morning light makes the body fresh and excited. If the room has no window, it can be replaced by opening the window blinds from the living room.

start the day cheerful//exercising


When we wake up in the morning of course we feel dry and bitter throat. So drinking water when you wake up in the morning is also very good for the body. It helps relieve dehydration and can also help calm the heart.


Waking up in the morning the body becomes sore and sleepy. To get rid of aches and sleepiness, you can do small movements such as tidying the room and sweeping. Can also do muscle stretching to make the body fresh and excited again.

Starting a better day can be done in various ways. For a day that can help lift the mood and also make the spirit in the face of every problem.