The child's personality begins to change

The child’s personality begins to change

The child’s personality begins to change

Hey readers, have you ever experienced something called a different personality? Of course, you have and are confused about how to respond right? In this sophisticated era, almost all media explain how to deal with children whose personality changes. But it turns out that almost all the media explain how to take care of the condition of the child.

But moms and dads don’t need to worry even though the development of children is very vulnerable and easy to change – changing their personalities will not prevent us, parents, from getting to know our children’s personalities again. Almost all children will experience personality changes and parents should start paying attention to these changes.

Start looking for the child’s personality

Revistase7se7 – The attitude of children must have started to be different from when they were small. When they were young they would obey all orders and suggestions from their parents. But once children start to grow up they have started to know what is wrong and what to do. Detecting children maybe parents can still do it but have you ever realized that how to dictate to children is actually a pressure for them?

Because of this sometimes the child has an attitude that is often defiant, not confident, and embarrassed to socialize with other people. With this attitude, children are shunned by many friends and often experience unexpected bullying. But there is also a child’s personality that is passed down from his parents.

Tips for dealing with personality

be friends//understanding

This can be seen from the DNA or social life around them. For each child’s personality, parents can only support and maintain their trust. Things parents should do when their children start growing up are:

  • Make room for children
    When the age starts to grow, sometimes the child wants to have his own private space so we as parents must give space to the child to be able to breathe and be free from the pressures they have faced before.
  • Be a friend to the child
    When the parents are close to the child, sometimes the child feels uncomfortable and not free. Conversations that are not connected make them reluctant to be close. To prevent this, we as parents try to be close as friends. Start finding out what their pleasure is and talk to the child in a light and relaxed language so that the child will be comfortable and willing to tell all their complaints.
Mature personality
  • Understand the adult cycle
    Children’s growth will continue to develop every year so parents must also follow some of the cycles that children face. Don’t always treat them like kids anymore. because every child will grow up so the way of educating children is different.
  • Don’t pressure the child
    Children’s personalities will change when they are under pressure. For every problem try to be discussed it Calmly and openly. In this way, it can help eliminate the child’s tension.
  • Give trust
    It’s no longer a child who should be banned. As a parent, of course, you are still afraid and don’t trust your children.Our moms can start to instill self-confidence when they are little. Try to give them assignments that they can do and trust them because by believing in the attitude of the children, they will become confident.
  • Always make time to hang out with your children
    Busy – busy parents try to make time for their children. Invite them to talk, play and chat with each other lightly. Creating a comfortable family atmosphere in the eyes of the child makes the child more comfortable and has a family personality.
  • Praise
    Every time you do an activity, give praise to the child. With this praise, the child feels happy.