The result of domestic violence

The result of domestic violence

The result of domestic violence

As a result of domestic violence, many women experience severe trauma. Domestic violence can occur because there are several unexpected factors. This can be seen in several versions of people who experience it. Domestic violence or more commonly called domestic violence is the most common thing that happens.

It is not surprising that victims of violence are unable to live their lives anymore. a wound that will last a lifetime and be remembered. There are several cases that say the habits of parents will be passed on to their children. This can usually happen if the child who has experienced violence since childhood will reciprocate when the child is an adult.

Change of attitude

Revistase7se7 – His former nature of being silent becomes a weapon in revenge. But not all children will behave the same as their parents. It depends on the personality of the child. Of course, many do not know that as a result of getting domestic violence, a person’s behavior changes, such as:


A fear that will never go away and continues to make an impression. Trauma is something that can’t be removed. Getting a feeling of high pressure makes self-confidence disappear in the blink of an eye.

excessive fear//traumatized
Tidal calm

Someone who has been a victim of domestic violence must be hard to forget. Getting a big scar and life is not calm. Although there are those who managed to escape from incidents of domestic violence. This did not make her feel calm, instead, it affected her new life.


As a result of frequent domestic violence, many victims become afraid of things that once made them afraid. Excessive fear makes them not trust anyone.


Also, don’t forget that in cases of domestic violence you most often find physical injuries. Wounds and pain that will continue to exist even though time has passed.