Why People Like Slander

Why People Like Slander

Why People Like Slander

Slander is an act that is not liked by anyone but needs to be realized by almost all of us doing it. Even though we consciously don’t like being slandered, we ourselves like slandering others. Slander is indeed not the intention that has been planned for a long time but slander can come out of the mouth if someone is selfish. People who like to slander are people who have a lack of affection, people who are infected because of the upbringing around them.

So why do people like slander?

Lack of Affection [ Revistase7se7 ]

People who lack affection are people who like to be yelled at, scolded, or close to authoritarian people. These people who lack compassion always exaggerate their words so that many people can hear them. Lack of attention will make someone stubborn so they can give negative comments about people who are better than them.


Often people don’t realize that their environment can make them slanderers. Being around people who are slanderers can make us the same. People who like to slander certainly can be anywhere and can be two-faced people.

easy to get angry//stay away from friends


Of course, a selfish person is capable of making his mind worse by itself. This slanderous person made up his mind into unfathomable words. He assumes too much that his selfishness makes him always the winner.